Your latest COVID-19 Officer update



Last week, the Prime Minister announced the new ‘Living with COVID-19′ plan, detailing how the UK will tackle the COVID-19 pandemic moving forward.

Whilst the government removed the legal requirement to self-isolate if testing positive, we are encouraged to take personal responsibility concerning COVID-19, and self-isolation is still recommended.

Therefore, if you test positive or display symptoms of COVID-19, you should not attend netball activity.


What does this mean for netball?


England Netball recommends the Netball Family maintain best practice and for netball organisers to continue to utilise many elements of our previous COVID-19 guidance. This should help keep the transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases to a minimum.


Here is our core guidance…






Anybody who has tested positive or is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend netball activity. We recommend that all netball organisations continue to share this with their members/participants.



Sanitisation of hands and equipment should continue.

 The use of lateral flow tests are useful in identifying COVID-19, and whilst available (without charge), we recommended using them before netball activity.

March 2022